(Effective 1 July 2022)

Consultation fees at psychology practices are based on The Australian Psychological Society (APS) schedule of recommended fees. The recommended fee for psychology services is $267 for a 46–60-minute consultation. Our fees are lower than this with exception to an initial assessment consultation with us, to provide greater accessibility to accommodate your ongoing care.

Initial Assessment Consultation $280 – 50 minute session

Subsequent Sessions $240 – 50 minute session

If you are experiencing financial distress please discuss this with your Clinical Psychologist. We can offer a reduced sessional rate for the following conditions for financial distress:

  • Pensioner or Disability pension card holder
  • Long term unemployment

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) – Better Access to Mental Health Initiative

A Medicare rebate is available to individuals who have obtained a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist under the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative. Your doctor or specialist will determine your eligibility for this plan through an assessment. Under this plan you used to be entitled to access a maximum of 10 psychology sessions per calendar year (1 January – 31 December), which has increased to 20 sessions due to COVID-19 for 2021 and 2022 until further notice.

An initial 6 sessions with a psychologist are available to you. After these 6 sessions you will need to revisit your referring doctor for a follow-up review. Rainbow Hub Psychology will also send a report to your referring doctor at this time. Following a review with your doctor, you can then book for your other psychology sessions.

A Mental Health Care Plan enables you to claim a partial rebate of $88.25 - $129.55 per session with a Clinical Psychologist for each of the 10 psychology sessions. Please be aware there is a payable gap.


Fee  Medicare Rebate with MHCP *
 Initial Consultation      $280  $88.25 - $129.55
 Subsequent Consultation  $240  $88.25 - $129.55
 Telehealth Consultation   Fee  Medicare Rebate with MHCP * 
 Initial       $280  $88.25 - $129.55
 Subsequent   $240  $88.25 - $129.55
 Other Fee  Medicare Rebate with MHCP *
 Out of Office Consultation $285 $110.25 - $151.60
 Correspondence and Case Management ** $120 per 30 mins NIL


    Medicare rebates are dependent on a Mental Health Care Plan being prepared by the GP and that plan being valid for use

**   Any correspondence and case management inbetween sessions that is longer than 10 minutes in total will incur a fee of $120.00 per 30 minutes. We understand that some clients require more support between sessions and are willing to provide consistent support at a fee.

Medicare rebates are paid into your cheque or savings account following payment for our service. Medicare rebates are available for both face to face and telehealth appointments.

If you have Private Health Insurance 

If you are not claiming via a Medicare Health Care Plan you can claim the partial cost of psychology sessions through your Private Health Insurance. Please check your level of cover with your health care provider for eligibility.